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Monthly Retainer Services

Many years ago I played the clarinet. One year at solo contest, after I had competed, a girl with red hair stepped forward and it was like nothing I’d ever heard. There was a judge with a pen to grade you on the level of your performance, but he simply put his pen down and enjoyed the music of the best clarinetist I ever heard! And that is the way I feel about Bruce Patterson of The Bungalow Doctor. He is the best person who ever visited a home, by way of services and fixes and carrying a job through to completion, beyond even what you expected! I must be very careful. I don’t want to share him! (Though I must!) When he is here assisting me or working on the house, I am like that judge. I just sit back and enjoy.  –  John Deaton, Austin resident for 45 years

General Repairs & Emergency Services

Hello Neighbors, Just wanted to share with you, my wonderful personal experience working with the Bungalow Doctor, Bruce on several occasions. He walked through my home and took care of all the problems that occur over time, painted, plumbing, electrical, etc. He was prompt on arrival, very organized and finished in a timely manner. Try him, for your own refreshing experience of one stop shopping. Thanks again, Bruce you are the best! –  Jan T. Fox

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  • drywall, texture and paint
  • window and door replacement
  • repair or installation of flooring
  • winterizing/weatherizing
  • safety checking
  • moving to LED’s, CFL’s or Halogens

I recently hired Bruce for the first time after combing through several home remodeling professionals on various sites. I decided to contact Bruce based on the wide variety of work he had done and the heart-felt customer testimonials on his site. I was also impressed that he had set forth a limited geographic area for taking on work, which to me indicated a devotion to giving every client his full focus and effort. After meeting with Bruce, I was 100% confident that he was the right choice. – Tres Lorton

Remodeling and Rental Property Maintenance

I have hired The Bungalow Doctor to do some very extensive remodeling on my home and rental properties. I also continue to use their services for smaller repairs when need arises. Bruce particularly has the gift of being able to think creatively to find solutions for difficult problems of space and function. He needs no supervision and stays on task until completion. He has a broad skill set – from paint to plumbing to moving walls; if you need it he can get it done for you. – Alice Johnson

General Contractor, Home Repairs, and Renovation

I highly recommend The Bungalow Doctor for services as a general contractor, small and large home repairs, and home renovations. Over the past 4 years they have completed several projects for me, including:

  • Rebuild entire wall damaged by massive bee hive, including both interior & exterior work.
  • Complete interior renovation of 2,500 sqft house, including: kitchen, dining and bathroom build-out; plumbing, wall repair, doors and floors throughout, painting, outdoor cement repair, and coordination with electrician to complete electrical upgrade.
  • Build-out of a washer and dryer closet, including: replacing conventional hot water heaters with 2 tankless hot water heaters, removeal and rebuild of back steps, build-out closet and all plumbing, coordinate with electrician to complete wiring, coordinate installation of washer and dryer.

In addition, The Bungalow Doctor has completed several smaller repair jobs at both of my houses and several properties. They are distinguished not only by their technical skills, but also their ability to coordinate with other contractors and to build a good working relationship with customers. – William Ogilvie